On the Damascus Road Revival is for Every Soul

Acts 22:6-16 Saul revives into Paul

Saul of Tarsus, a Jew with a Roman citizenship, who was ruthless in his ways, went about persecuting Christians. He was well learned in Hebrew scriptures, a scriptural elite. We could practically say that he was also a man of God, the same God, as we daily call upon within a Trinity, as Our Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Saul knew the Father, not his Son, Jesus. He probably knew the Spirit of God. A man who knew the scriptures to a tee, who on instructions and for patriotic reasons waged war upon the Christians.

What are the chances for Saul who was later named Paul, to champion Christianity at a later stage? Yes, the cries of the persecution, that moved Jesus to step out and make a drastic intervention to save his flock. It was a time of revival and a time of unbelief. Jesus blinded Saul at first, to show how fragile humanity is, when we lose our sights and perspectives, that we are nothing in this world if don’t align with a purposeful life. In his blindness, Saul realized that, there was nothing he could do, until Jesus sent Ananais to give him back his sight. Saul came to know the power of the Father, the compassion of the Son and the ability of the Holy Spirit.

Paul, later became one of the most reverberated scholars in the Kingdom of God, as his works in the Bible have let to multitude of salvations. His scriptures of God’s Grace and his personal miracles have been testimonies for many Christians who have mourned and many non- believers that have changed from their sinful ways. Most crucial message is that every Sin is reversable when we place them upon the feet of Jesus in humility, as we are revived in Baptism as a New Creation, a believer of Christ the Son.

P.S: Paul wrote the books of Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Colossians, Philippians, Philemon, and 1 Thessalonians. When you read these books, you will understand why Jesus chose an Elite Hebrew Scholar…


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