Jesus! Our Bread of Life !

John 6:25-71

Jesus here confronted and arrested the very fear of his Ministry, that of when the miracles ceased and the fear of desolation gripped them. I could imagine the confusion of his disciples when Jesus entered his crucifixion. His crucifixion that mocked at his disciples and cried out in arrogance shaming them "Where is your SON of GOD."

Thus, I take a moment in revelation that little did his disciples know then, subsequently of the Glory that was to follow... Jesus had prepared them for his Ministry, The Great Commission! The Miracles of Miracles! The miracle of Jesus resurrection that was to take place, as it was to impart them with the Holy Spirit. Even when they could not comprehend his words. "To participate in the eating of his flesh and drinking of his blood." His key towards their survival for years to come that even after 2000 years we have the Spirit of Jesus living in us...

He wanted them to remember of the every stripe that he received, that was for the redemption of the world's transgressions ... to free them from the law in purification towards perfection that disconnected them from Our Heavenly Father, being the reason that would deny them the eternal passage within the Kingdom of God. The only way to redeem them from the repercussions of law of the original sins of Mankind and their shortcomings to receive the abundance of miracles.

In comprehension of a factual truth that men are weak and fragile.

Having said that ... why did most of the 70 disciples leave him and only a few remained. The logical mind could very well come to the conclusion of two specific reasons. The absurdity of the suggestion itself and of fear and the struggle of the situation. The Pharisees were on a witch hunt, thus the propaganda and lies would have portrayed Jesus and his claims as madness. Yet why did the rest of the disciples decided to stay. They were in the inner circle, they knew him and loved him enough to believe him that he would resurrect to rescue them. Something in their gut spoke to them... They knew that he is the "Son of God," Thus, they waited ...and so shall we as not only that the scriptures reveal Jesus and his promises to his believers, for we have seen his goodness in our lives and we have been redeemed and have been touched by the Holy Spirit and ....

Most of all we know he loved us first and thus we are his beloved!

His promises transcend time, place and eternity!

You are a child of an Almighty God and much loved …

Love, Miracles & Shalom!

Kyrra S D

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