Purposed Discipleship - Works of Christ

John 21-1-22 KJV

After the resurrection, Jesus appears to his disciples again at the Seas of Tiberias and instructed them to fish on the right side of the boat. Is our purpose in Christ well established? Are we working ourselves in line to his purpose or are we sitting around in despondent and in weary waiting for the return of Christ Jesus, thus allowing our dire circumstances spell out our happiness and our purpose.

For that was what exactly the disciples did, once again like lost sheep, wondering which directions that they should embark upon, until Peter suggested that they go fishing again. They succumbed to the nature of their mundane living and in weary of their personal safety. I'm sure the Roman's and the Pharisees were in look out for all of Christ Jesus's disciples. It was then that Jesus reappeared to them again to comfort them.

Just, in similar to how within in our most worst moments, we look forward to our comfort food. He dined with them, and at that such poignant and comforting moment, Jesus asked Peter whether, Peter loved him more than the food that they were eating. When Peter replied yes, then Jesus commanded his will to Peter to feed his lambs. Then again he asked him again whether Peter loved him. When Peter replied yes, he again commanded Peter to feed his sheep. This time, we see a graduation from the lamb to sheep, and ongoing process of growth and meaning that Jesus was referring to the Spiritual growth of his lambs to sheep. A revelation that men should be able to learn and receive from the works of Christ Jesus and apply them to strengthen their personal transformation, than in comparison to the comfort food we crave in our desolation. The disciples were looking at the nature and the circumstances of basic living and sustainability. Jesus was asking Peter to step out to feed the masses, for the disciples were already equipped with the knowledge and the works of Jesus. Jesus secured them, for no doubt that they saw Jesus being crucified in a seemingly helpless manner, Jesus miracles were still within their reach, if they were able to listen to his instructions and abide in believe.

Christ Jesus also reminded them that they were now matured Christians and not children that went about aimlessly in life. I felt the love and beauty of t heheart of Christ and his affections, when he teased them by calling them children, as he saw their desperation, not being able to do the works of Christ, even though they were matured enough to tap into their relationship with him to continue the Works of Christ, for fear had gripped them to a standstill. Not taking into consideration in comparison to the times of healing and miracles they witnessed for the last 3 years with time spent with him.

He wanted them to seek him in every situation so that through the Holy Spirit that they receive and thus being clothed from high, beyond the misgivings and nakedness, as Christ Jesus has been resurrected, for that very reason to clear the sin of men, and that they shall no longer be sinful or have the nature to sin.

Lastly, he reminded Peter not to look at the past or to compare the journey of another in Christ, but to steadfastly follow him in Obedience and continue the Works of Christ.

Here, he was trying to tell Peter that everyone has their own personal journey with Christ, for we are all loved in different ways and hold different gifts from him. To excel within our own journeys within his purpose, for the common goal of salvation and the healing of mankind... Christ Jesus, Our Foundation and our Cornerstone....

In Jesus Name .... Amen !

Love and Blessings

Kyrra S D

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