The Sower, his seeds and life in God's Kingdom ...

Matthew 13:1-23

It is two days before we celebrate the reason for the season of Christmas, the birth of the Holy Child, who is the Son of our Almighty God who created Heaven and Earth and everything in it. Instead of writing about the Nativity Scene and the magical moments of the Birth of the Star of Bethlehem, our Heavenly Father brought me to pen about The Sower and his seeds and The Parables of Jesus. This scene in the video clearly explains the reason why Jesus was born. Literally, Jesus was born in personification as a man to save mankind. That through his ways our salvation is at hand and we only need to understand and actively believe in them, and to allow the holy spirit to work within our weakness and our transformation within his miracles.

As many of us prepare ourselves for the New Year, some of us begin to make our yearly resolutions. Most of our resolutions are based on our own works. Yet as in this Parable of The Sower, Jesus gives us reasons why we often get robbed of our goals and fall short of the end products. The truth of the matter lies within the fact that surrounds the various kinds of goals that we often line up for the future and the type of reinforcements that we place or not place to secure them. Do we have the divine knowledge of the farmer, here referring to Christ Jesus, who is the alchemist towards the good harvest? The Son of God, who came down to earth to give us this secret. Many of us, whom understand his love and his goodness were saved, just like those who sowed their seeds into the good ground that was prepared at the cross. Knowing that it was not an ordinary sacrifice but the Son of God himself and no other sacrifice is needed anymore and it was finished there and now we can earnestly know his ways and wait to receive our Godly harvest that sets us up for life … His Love, His Ways, His Peace…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, hope you have a Wonderful Christmas, one filled with moments of miracles and revelations. Whether you are left alone this year or with the people you love, you still can make the best of this season as long as you know the reason for this season...

Praying for the magic of Christmas to touch you, sprinkled with star dust and hearts full of love...

You are a child of an Almighty God and much loved …

Love, Miracles & Shalom !

Kyrra S D

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