Blessed are Ye! In search of Heaven ...

Updated: Mar 29

In Luke 6: 46-49 ~ Jesus speaks about building our house upon a rock ...

Jesus was the rock that became the cornerstone of our foundation. He knew us, he knew us through our heavenly father. He knew what it was to be poor in spirit. He became our strength. He knew what it felt to mourn. He became our comforter. He knew what it was to be meek and be left out. He made us his inheritances. He knew what it was to be hungry and thirst for righteousness. He became our holy communion and gave us his righteousness. He knew what it was to be merciful. He showed us his mercy. He knew what it was to be pure in heart. He showed us his way to a covenant with our heavenly father. He knew the goodness of the peacemakers. He made us the children of our Father in Heaven. He knew that the world would persecute righteousness. He gave us his abundance of grace and miracles to the righteous. He knew that those who believed in him would be subjected to all kinds of insults, false accusations and evil. He prepared heaven for them and made them saints.

Such in Obedience to Jesus, the rock and foundation of the world who is able

to give us his goodness, his miracles and within the believe of his resurrection that he is our salvation, he transforms us and equips us.

We become the cornerstones in our community, the comforters and what great joy, favors and grace reigns upon us wherever we travel and such we proclaim his word!

We become the Salt of the Earth and we are the Light of the World ... Once we know the Love of the Father and his plans for his beloveds, he prepares us for greater Glory! The Great Commission ! Now in faith we can stand on his promises from ...

Luke 24:49 49

And behold, I am sending the promise of my Father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.” We receive miracles after miracles from our Father in Heaven... In Jesus name ...

and everybody said .... AMEN! AWOMEN!

Video Credit : Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


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