There is Heaven ! The question is where ?

I remember! Sometime in 2003, my daughter Dalini was recovering from anxiety. During one of our quality time spent, I kept her hope for life kindled by looking forward to great things in the future. She was lost in hope based on how she was treated in school and her tedious court order that shuttled her between two homes.

One fine night during our pre-bedtime ritual, being a travel agent by profession, I promised her that I would bring her to live overseas. I would sit her down next to me by the computer and we would compare the cities of United States, comparing their population, taxes, crime rate, weather and picking the best city we would love to live in. We had the institute of education at home. Then we would dance screaming at the top of our voices, mostly out of tune, trying t out sing each other. We fought, we loved, we cried and we bonded. It was heaven! We felt joy for a moment.

Having said that, being a Christian and within the promises of the Gospel, many of us look forward to Heaven upon as a Castle in the Sky. It gives us temporary relief, when the unfairness of pain that often overwhelms us. The way the Bible is preached is vital. The scriptures should be able to give us hope and the promises of a good life on earth as Jesus intended. The Bible should be preached as it empowers us. The kind of empowerment that is brought forth upon by great faith. Such in the society we become the lady in white, the holy spirit that works in us, whom great comfort is received from, that becomes a reality on earth. We all need comforters, while we wait for the rapture and the coming of Jesus, we are equally empowered by the scriptures to receive the comforter and to be the comforter…

I can justify that we have such great preachers in our midst today, that have brought the scriptures to reality, we can have Heaven on Earth!

In Jesus name … Amen!



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