In Desolation of the Soul

In my book I wrote about our transformation. True transformation occurs through our identity. We live in a world that has moved so much away from our creator who created us in life and who is able to give us salvation in desolation. We receive his salvation at our soul level that reforms us and redeems us forever in his everlasting love. There are two aspects that our soul identity decides our destiny. The first identity dwells in self inspiration and achievements. Within a successful life, this identity makes us popular and successful. We often make great people orientated persons. It is easy to associate with someone who is in his or her pinnacle of his or her successful life. Don't we all love to meet our idols, who are often within the elite of celebrated people. Not everyone is birthed with a silver spoon and some have reached their celebrated life not without regrets or secrets. Within their celebrated life there is much pain and often loneliness. This is often recovered within the comfort and among the same lifestyle, circle of friends and family. This kind of relationships lasts as long as their covenant among their friendship holds or the elements of life that makes them attractive to others lasts. Within our relationship among our friends and relatives we face situations that either break us or make us...

Thus, today I leave you with your sacred precious thoughts and hope you view the Soul Bird story from the video and spend some time in contemplation ... The second aspect I will discuss in my next journal.

You could find the link to my Book of Daily Communion here

Shalom ..

Love & Hugs


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