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Book of Daily Communion

spring forth with scriptures

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The Author 

Keep it simple …

That is the tough lesson that I have learnt from addiction to my nature to be perfect.


This is Kyrra and welcome to the author site of  

Book of Daily Communion,

spring forth with scriptures,

journey with The Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

Most human-interest articles interest me; thus, I often enjoy adapting my persona to suit my environment, often compared to a chameleon. This allows me to blend within the community of people from different walks of life. Mostly, I enjoy the company of people, when I feel their genuine affections. Knowing that everyone has some kind of insecurity helps me focus on others, in return I receive an inexplainable sense of momentum of peace, that centres me to a higher purpose, introspective writing. 


 Thus, that in perspective leaves me right here, between the pages of my writings in communion with my creator. I have a purpose in my creator and the acceptance that I seek, would be in salvation of his creation along the lines of humanity, according to his purpose. Utopia takes time and patience! Therefore, it's best to love the present within the wisdom of his presence.

Momentarily, I live in Singapore with my precarious and brilliant daughter who returned from Sydney sometime in January 2017, after graduating from her Advance Diploma in Pastoral Care Leadership, in faith to complete her Bachelor of Theology Degree and her almost complete BA degree in Psychology. For the time being, she has found her soul work here, in a local church as an Integrations Pastor. 

About my writings, I like to dwell in actualities as I believe that we can discover our true

selves when we stop our pretentiousness to keep up with the Jones or Kardashians.

I’m not saying that we should not look for opportunities of growth in diversity of lifestyle.

What it means is that we need to accept our temporal present position in life and embrace it.

Dream big, always hunger and be curious for everything that God has created. Believe and wait

 for his promises. In my writings I rediscover myself again and again

in myriads ways and love what I write. As for my book, Book of Daily Communion- Spring forth with Scriptures- Walk with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, this is gift and a product of revelations from Our Father in Heaven and I know that it was written for you …

Love & Shalom,


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